Yes, Roses are the main event at the moment, but we also have more of the other version of Roses again this week.
More Double Hellebores (Winter Roses), plus the first of Sophie’s Delight and Isabella’s Charm.
Double Hellebore
Hellebore - Sophie's Delight
Hellebore - Isabella's Charm

Looking for the instant effect? Check out our weekly delivery of instant Winter Colour Bowls which are one of our Great Value lines so, as the old TV programme said, The Price is Right! The colour combos really are inspired.

Roses 2024!

Roses are top of the list at the moment with the Tasman Bay Roses delivery of 630 still to come next week. Much better range of standards than last year.

Remember to supplement the soil with good quality compost (Daltons Nutrient Enriched Compost is what I take home). Dig a hole larger than the pot, mix in the compost, Real Blood & Bone, and sheep pellets thoroughly for a fast start to the growing season. Make a small mound in the bottom of the hole and spread the roots over the mound to prevent them growing in a circle. Keep the graft well above ground level so you can add compost over the years without covering the graft. Tramp around the rose to firm up the soil and then water well.
Roses love good enriched soil, full sun, plenty of water, and regular feeding.

Our Roses come from top long-experienced Rose specialist nurseries and are all virus-free, high health, well-branched, and with good strong well-developed grafts.

Choosing a Rose is easy! Our Roses are displayed in categories of Modern Bush, Patio Bush, David Austin/Old-Fashioned, Climbers, Standards, & Patio Standards.

Within those classifications they are grouped by colour in alphabetical order. Every variety has a card on the rail above it with a colour image and description incl height.

Here's more of our favourites for 2024:

Eyes for You

My Best Mate

Princess Alexandra of Kent

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