Pruning and spraying roses is the priority at the moment with July being the best month for pruning with the end of the colder weather almost in sight, hopefully.


The copper and spraying oil products from Grosafe – Freeflow Copper & Enspray 99 are most effective when used one week apart, and the oil is much finer than other oils which cuts out the risk of burning.

And if you’re planting new roses we have a good multi-deal for GardenClub members on bush, climbing, and standard roses when you buy two or more.

It’s too early yet but keep in mind that the moment you see the buds start to move on peaches and nectarines in August, spray with copper to prevent curly leaf.


ican Slow Food is a 24 month controlled-release granular fertiliser for trees, shrubs, and houseplants which love a slow steady feed.

Slow Food can be mixed into the soil at planting time for any shrubs, roses, trees etc.  and then topped up with an extra-potash option as the growing season gets underway. It can also be used in pots.

ican Real Blood & bone and sheep pellets can be mixed into the soil when preparing the vegetable garden. Real Blood & Bone – none of the blood component has been taken out to make into other products so it’s pretty much double strength.


Feed rhodos, daphnes, and camellias with acid fertiliser as they’re all either flowering or heading towards flowering with buds well formed.    Watch out for slugs and snails who love winter dampness and are happy to chomp on any new shoots that appear. I saw a long snail’s trail across the terrace at home this week, so they’re still out and about.

The cold damp weather can make your pots of winter colour (polys, pansies, primulas etc) look somewhat tired and less than vibrant but a quick feed will soon rectify that situation – Dried Blood works brilliantly on flowering plants and if the veges need a boost Dried Blood gives them the hurry-up as well.

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