Your garden needs you - always!

And isn't it good to be needed?  Pottering in the garden is a great way to spend time outdoors when the day turns out sunny and warm.  Water containers regularly as per normal – cold weather can be deceptive, especially in this dry spell.
Weed now before the soil gets too wet, plant up colour to cheer up the front gate, the front door, the terrace, and key focal points. Winter really does not have to be dull and colourless.


Winter Garden Care

Winter Spraying – as per my suggestions I feel that June is too early to prune roses unless you’re heading away and have to get them done – August 15 is the very last date for pruning before the new growth starts shooting out.

Oil and copper are what you need for cleaning up any residual insect and fungal problems on both roses and fruit trees.  These two used to be mixed together but the new theory is that they are much more effective used a week apart.

There’s a new improved spraying oil, Grosafe Enspray 99, that’s been on the market for a couple of years with much finer particles which makes it more effective and much less liable to burn foliage.  The reason for burning is the impurities left in most oils even after the refining process.                                      When sunlight hits the impurities they oxidise and form damaging acids.  Grosafe Enspray 99 Oil is refined to 99%, eliminating the risk of burning.

Grosafe Organic FreeFlow Copper Hydroxide also has very small particle size giving better coverage on the leaf surface, better adherence, easier mixing, and continuously releasing copper ions.

Covered cloches are great for more tender plants in these frosty conditions – particularly useful in the vegetable garden, especially in early spring when frosts become intermittent. We have both the bell-shaped Victorian cloches and the long narrow wire netting plastic-covered cloches.

Feeding the birds is one of the most rewarding parts of winter but is also is much appreciated by our feathered friends who face a long cold (and possibly wet) winter. We have a good supply of all bird food options, plus bird feeders.

Plant Garlic at this time of year ready for summer harvest. 

More Printanor again this week, plus Elephant Garlic. If possible try not to plant garlic in the same place each year. Good supply of Shallots at the moment. Once again garlic loves lots of compost and then side dressings of animal manure.

In summer the watering needs to be regular to keep the bulbs succulent, particularly from Christmas on when the drier period starts.

Look after the Geraniums! I hate waste and as we get very hard frosts at home I’ve put the geraniums in plastic pots in a sheltered spot by the back door ready to plant them out again next spring.

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