Planting up pots of colour, more vegetable plants now and again, tidying up Perennials, spreading compost while you have gaps, and planning the Spring garden.
Give them a boost!   Beat the cold on newly planted seedlings with a liquid feed once a month with Yates Thrive or The Good Sh#t to keep them moving (a warm sunny spot definitely helps).
The recently-planted Brassicas (Broccoli, Cauliflowers, Cabbages) at home, plus the Poly/Prims & Pansies, have all had a boost from Dried Blood which intensifies the colour and the amount of flowers. It also gives bigger heads on broccoli and cauliflowers. 
Now is a good time to plant blueberries, grapevines, cranberries, feijoas, and any fruit trees etc to get their root systems well established over the winter ready for strong spring growth.  Use Real Blood & Bone to maximise root development over the Winter.       
 Our range of fruiting varieties will increase steadily from the end of June onwards with good numbers of fruit trees arriving in July.
  Plant lily bulbs!  Heads Up! We’re expecting Lily Bulbs in late June  – Christmas Lilies, Asiatics, and Orientals coming.   Lilies love a really sunny position with well-composted, well-drained soil.  Brilliant for picking with a very good vase life.
 Potash around your roses now will harden up the stems ready for pruning and giving them the vigour to come away strongly in spring.
I consider June too early for pruning so stay patient until late July! 
Sharpened tools make all the difference when it comes to pruning so check out those secateurs and loppers (loppers are great for those big thick stems at the base of the plant).
We’ll have Cooky’s Sharpening Service here on the day of the Rose MasterClass – see details below.
Pruning of Hydrangeas should be delayed until mid-August and milder weather but the untidy brown flowers at the ends of the stems can be trimmed off now.
Don’t be the worried customer coming in clutching a handful of silver/brown/spotted/dead-looking leaves. The most damaging effect of Thrips isn’t really seen until well after the infestation period.
The key is to start spraying just before Christmas when Thrips first get into action. But if you haven’t sprayed at all, then now is the time to start before Spring growth gets infested/damaged as well.

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