Your garden needs you...
Spring is but 12 weeks away and now's the time to do some groundwork - literally.  
By preparing your soil properly, you can ensure that your plants have the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy. It also helps with water retention and drainage.
Add compost to enrich the soil with essential nutrients. Mix it in well to ensure even distribution then sit back. For heavy clay based soil dig in a good helping of gypsum to help break up the clay and make it more friable.

Wear warm gloves! Having cold hands is no fun, especially if they’re muddy! 
Gloves for every type of use with some that are specifically made for winter, check out Lynn River’s ‘451 Thermo’ with a thick rubber palm area and an equally thick knitted cotton back. Or the Showa 306 with aerated latex foam to reduce perspiration, superior wet or dry grip, water repellent, and breathable coating technology. 

Sweet Peas planted now will develop good strong root systems over the Winter and then grow like Topsy through Spring and Summer. We have both plants (mixed colours) and seeds (mixed and single colours) available.

Sweet Peas love rich soil so add sheep pellets, and some Oceanfert pelletised seaweed granules (great for plant health). 


Moving shrubs – this is the perfect time of year to look at what needs moving. Even though we’ve only had a brief spell of cold weather so far most plants will be going into their winter dormancy stage about now. 

The old technique of ‘wrenching’ before transplanting is not often used now, so just dig around the root ball area keeping as much of it as possible intact, and taking as much soil with it as is practical.

If the plant is too heavy to lift into a wheelbarrow, then slide it onto a sheet of strong plastic or a sack and drag it across the lawn.

Dig in compost into the new site and drop the plant in, adding more soil, then tramp the soil down firmly, and water in well, but don’t overdo the watering and stress the plant! 

Looking Good! Smarten up the look of bare soil in shrubberies etc with Intelligro Black Beauty Mulch – fine bark dyed with black vegetable dye. Gives good contrast with green plants, suppresses weeds, and retains moisture. 

 Remember in these challenging times your home is still one of your number 1 investments so keep up the maintenance and the garden – good outdoor living spaces, good hedges, and well thought out plantings are still regarded as key areas when it comes to valuations and selling.


 Rose pruning is a most important winter task and while they can be pruned in June, July is better to avoid stimulating new growth that frost will damage.

Rose Masterclass/Workshop – we’ll hold this on Saturday 13 July @ 2pm – all aspects of rose care will be covered including winter pruning of roses, post-pruning sprays, spring feeding and spraying, summer pruning, watering, correct tools, new plantings, staking etc.

We will also have the well-known Cooky on-site with one of his Sharpen Up! Sessions to sharpen up your tools ready for rose pruning, cutting, or digging.

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