Terra Viva Roses 2024

Roses are top of the list at the moment with another 1600 just arrived. Our range will be better and bigger than ever - new releases and a bigger range of standards. Roses love good enriched soil, plenty of water, and regular feeding. And of course there’s plenty of other new arrivals.

Our Roses come from top long-experienced Rose specialist nurseries and are all virus-free, high health, well-branched, and with good strong well-developed grafts. 

Choosing a Rose is easy!  Our Roses are displayed in categories of Modern Bush, Patio Bush, David Austin/Old-Fashioned, Climbers, Standards, & Patio Standards.

 Within those classifications they are grouped by colour in alphabetical order. Every variety has a card on the rail above it with a colour image and description incl height.               

 Here's some of our favourites for 2024Thunderstruck - Floribunda

Striped russet blooms with a flash of cream

M (90-120cm)

Cappuccino - Hybrid Tea

Antique coffee, pink edged. Double. Scalloped. Light Fragrance

M (90-120cm)

NZ Gardener - Floribunda

Soft apricot pink.  Old-fashioned.  Easy care.  70th birthday NZG

M (90-120cm)

Hamilton Gardens - Hybrid Tea

Cream with peach and apricot shades.  Glossy foliage

M (90-120cm)

We strongly suggest staking standard Roses when you plant them; ensure the stake goes right up into the head of the plant as staking to just below the graft creates a weak point which will snap in strong wind.

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