New Shrub/Grass/Groundcover arrivals this week include the best large grade Daphne Leucanthe we’ve ever seen (available in pink and white), Camellia Fairy BlushScented Wintersweet (Chimonanthus praecox), 3 varieties of frost-hardy well-scented Gardenias, Lomandra Tanika, Hebe Pretty in Pink (perfect colour combo of claret foliage & mid-pink flowers), Leptinella Platts Black groundcover, and Acacia Limelight (great weeping plant for containers).
Leptinella Platts Black
Daphne Leucanthe
Daphne Alba
Hebe Pretty in Pink
Good top-up of Perennials this week including fuchsia-pink Dianthus Flutter Burst, coral pink Dreameria, Euphorbia Martinii, pink Gaura Ballerina Rose, 2 blue Felicia Daisies, sun-loving orange Gazania Sunset Jane, Geum Rustic Orange, Lavender The Princess, black Violas, white Salvia Glare, the native Hederacea Violet, and groundcover Lithodora Crystal Blue for hot areas.
Blue Felicia Daisy
Need colour in cool light shade? Cyclamen (miniature, Figurine, or large-flowered variety) are perfect at this time of year, just avoid heavy frosts.
Just arrived – a mountain of classic Italian terracotta pots in a big range of sizes, including the impressive Doppio Bordo pots. 
Hard to beat the traditional Italian look.

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