It might have cooled down lately but there are still sunny patches to enjoy out in the garden and while we’re crying out for decent rain the soil is still dry enough to walk on.
Now’s the time to cut back all those perennials that have died right down for Winter (tall Salvia Blue & Black, Salvia Uglinosa, Miscanthus Morning Light, Delphiniums, Dahlias etc).   
Spreading good quality compost on the garden now is a simple way to suppress weeds and improve soil texture, fertility, aeration, and drainage. And compost gives your garden a rapid-fire start in Spring. Lots of new arrivals this week – see below.

Need good Shrub colour for Winter? 

Check out the Coprosma Ignite, Nandinas Gulfstream & Firepower, Hebes Pretty in Pink and James Stirling, and Loropetalum Plum Gorgeous.

Grevilleas flower in Winter and are pretty much bullet-proof (sun and good drainage are their only requirements).  Six varieties this week and flower colour ranging from white to creamy green to pink to red.   

 Plus 3 Leucadendron varieties and another shipment of Rhododendrons including scented Princess Alice, pink Bruce Brechtbill, white Mt Everest, white w a flush of soft pink Pawhuska, Glenfalloch Blue, and yellow Chrysomanicum.

Princess Alice

Bruce Brechtbill

Mt Everest

Glenfalloch Blue

And for flowering right now, check out the Hellebores (Jasper, Marlon, and Lilly new this week), plus the scented Cheiranthus (Wallflower) Lilac Joy. Another shipment this week of the extra-large scented Daphnes which are, as always, proving popular.

Rose - Silver Fern

Rose - Blue September

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!  Yes, our last delivery of Roses arrive this week and the team will be flat out potting them up so very soon our Rose frames will be chokka!

The good news is that this year we have plenty more top-quality Standard Roses and plenty of Margaret Merril and Iceberg, after a shortage last year.

We’ve spent 27 years focusing on having a top range from top growers and working hard to have top quality, so you can buy from us with confidence. 

Best preparation for planting Roses? Mix in Daltons Nutrient-Enriched Compost, plus Real Blood & Bone, plus a few sheep pellets.

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