Pull your socks up!

New designs from Socksmiths this week, fun designs and colours for both women and men.  Plus more jigsaw puzzles this week, perfect for the dreary days of Winter.
Big shipment of cover pots for houseplants so here’s a chance to upgrade the ‘look’ with new pots and this week’s delivery of mini Phalenopsis Orchids in both white and a range of colours.
 We mentioned the trend of quirky/vintage kitchenware last week and here’s more
Check out the stylish new cocktail glasses – fun present when you’re stuck for ideas.
The 3D Abstract Design cut-out fun-to-assemble range is going really well and makes another affordable fun present – flamingos, pigs, T Rex, bulldozers, sheep dogs etc.
   I assembled a Citroen 2CV last week – even I understood the easy instructions, it looks great! 
One of our key suppliers was in Christchurch this week showing their product that’s lined up for early Spring – there’s plenty of good homewares on the horizon.

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