Winter Colour

Camellias are the star of the colder months. Hardy evergreen foliage, a tidy and compact habit, and happy to be trimmed where necessary. Great for screening and happy to be grown in containers.

 Yuletide Vernalis, abundant clear red small flowers, and a compact pyramidal shape, great for the structural look.  

Plantation Pink Sasanqua, early flowering, large clear pink flowers with prominent stamens, vigorous dark green foliage.

Setsugekka Sasanqua: masses of single white flowers, prominent stamens, and smaller foliage – popular for hedging.


Winter Colour Bowls - fresh deliveries every week and all the plants are seasonally appropriate. The easy way to brighten up the front door or the terrace, and a great Winter Cheer-Up present.   

Hebe Pretty in Pink,  large grade Pink(Leucanthe) or White (Alba) Daphne and Polygala Little Gold Nuggets.

Winter Roses (Hellebores) – new deliveries coming in all the time. 

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