Strawberries are easy to grow and a great way to get children away from screens and into gardening – our young parents tell us “If they can eat it they’ll grow it.” Lettuces are another example (the dressing is the key for that one!). Strawberries thrive in full sun, although the day-neutral varieties can handle a bit of afternoon shade.
They love compost-rich, slightly acidic loamy soil with very good drainage but kept well watered. 
Lightly feed every 2 weeks and mulch for water conservation and weed suppression.
Use pine needles or straw around the plants to keep fruit clean.
Avoid planting where the following have recently been grown: potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, or aubergines as these can carry verticillium wilt.
Strawberries grow happily in containers, using Daltons Strawberry Mix. Ensure plants are put into pots or soil at the same depth they were in the pots they come in.

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