Winter entertaining is always fun and we have a great selection of wooden charcuterie-style boards (long, square, round etc), new glassware (tumblers, cocktail glasses, wine glasses etc), new napkins, candles, and new artificial flowers & fruit to create a welcoming atmosphere. 

Definitely the time of year to enjoy warmth and relaxing pastimes indoors -  new highly-detailed Relaxacolour Book series back for colouring-in enthusiasts. Plus new packs of playing cards – time to replace that dog-eared pack?

It’s also when we look to see what small changes we can make to improve ‘the look’ without breaking the bank. Plenty of interesting and affordable decorative items in stock, along with new artificial flowers.

Lots of birthdays at this time of year (5 in our family anyway) and when buying product we always have present-giving in mind.                                          

Keepsake Tins have been a surprisingly good seller and make a popular present – who doesn’t have ‘things’ to store safely in tins?    Especially if they’re decorative. This week we have a big range back in stock – too many to describe so here are the pics:


Plus lots of useful and decorative sticky notepads, shopping pads, password books, ballpoint sets etc. Too many to describe so here are the pics:



And plenty of new Oxted cards – birthday, blank, new babies, sympathy etc.


My new Moana Rd slippers are proving a real winner in this cold Winter – extra cosy and comfortable.

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