All go in the Rose Dept with the new season’s arrivals and the Rose Masterclass coming up on Saturday 13 July @ 2pm, along with Cooky’s Sharpening Services.  
Rose pruning info available on the Rose Care page in the 2024 Rose Catalogue at the counter or a copy is available on our website
     Claude Monet
 Margaret Merrill
After pruning of Roses and Deciduous Fruit Trees, spray with Grosafe Freeflo Copper to eliminate residual fungus problems and then a week or so later use Grosafe Enspray 99 spraying oil to take out residual insect colonies.  It’s considered more effective to use them seperately.     
If you have a problem with rust (bright orange spores will show on the underside of the leaves) then Organic Super Sulphur is a brilliant remedy.
Planting new standard roses?   Well dug over soil, a couple of spadefuls of Daltons Nutrient-enriched Compost (buy 2 for 9.50 ea, or 4 for only 9 ea) and a small handful of Real Blood & Bone plus a small handful of sheep pellets.   And definitely plant standard roses with a stake; it’s essential that the stake is long enough to go past the graft area and right up into the bushy head of the plant to avoid the plant snapping off at the weakest and most vulnerable point.
July is a good time to do a clean-up spray on your fruit trees to eliminate any fungal or insect problems that have hung around since last season.  The sprays to use are the same as the ones for roses – Grosafe Freeflo Copper and Enspray 99 oil. 
The next spray for stonefruit trees should be copper again in very early spring as soon as you see the buds start to move to combat curly leaf – much more effective at bud movement than later on when the curly leaf appears.
Pots/tubs and gaps in the garden looking a bit dull?   We have a great range of instant potted colour in various forms (6 packs + single pots) at the moment and to intensify the colour and amount of flowering, just add a pinch of Dried Blood. Both options of colour are at great prices.
Peony - Duchesse Den
Peony - Sarah Bernhardt 
Don’t forget to plant your peonies to ensure spectacular spring blooms that have a long vase life – more stocks coming in again soon.
Peonies love gravelly well-drained soil and full sun, and, because they’re a tuber (which is a root crop) they love potato food which has a higher level of phosphate.

Now we’re in mid-winter and the natural food supply for birds is somewhat slim, they’ll just love any food that you can give them and we have a huge range; if you’re needing any advice on what to feed them with come in and talk to Tracey who orders all our bird food and feeders.

Watering pots and tubs is still important at this time of year – remember that rain mostly doesn’t go into the pots but slides off the foliage onto the ground. It’s easy to forget about watering at this time of year but keep an eye on containers.

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